Board Members





Sarah Stutt

School Board Chair

Parent Representative 

My name is Sarah Stutt and I have lived and worked in Ellenbrook since 2017.  As a primary school teacher, I am passionate about children receiving high-quality education in safe and nurturing school environments. I have two children attending Anne Hamersley Primary School and I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to their education and the school community as a member of the school board.





Amanda Schiaffini

School Board Secretary

Parent Representative


I have been a parent at Anne Hamersley since it's first year in 2016. As a foundation parent, I was able to get to know the staff well which I believe is an integral part of creating the welcoming community feel of Anne Hamersley. Being on the board provides an opportunity to strengthen the partnership between parents and the school. I have learned to understand school policies and decisions from a different perspective which is useful to pass on to parents. I strongly believe that parents and school staff should work together with open communication to ensure that our children receive the best all rounded education experience possible.

As my 3 daughters moved through Anne Hamersley, I have received a great deal of support from the school and all of the wonderful staff. I am passionate about education having trained as an early childhood teacher and, of course, as a parent. Being a board member gives me the opportunity to lend my perspective to shaping the future of the school.





Sophie Pearse

Parent Representative 

I have had children at Anne Hamersley PS since 2017. I currently have one child still at the school. I’ve been involved in the P&C since 2018 and then later taking on the Vice President role for 2 years. I’ve been book club organiser for the last 5 years, placing, sorting and delivering orders to the students and teachers. I enjoy being involved helping, knowing I can make a difference to the school community.




Brad Forrester

Parent representative 


I am married to wife Gemma and have four children with two attending Anne Hamersley Primary School. I Grew up in Regional WA and have always been involved in Agriculture.

I am the General Manager of WA’s largest John Deere dealer group. I enjoy AFL- particularly umpiring, Basketball, American BBQ and quality time with Family & Friends.





Alicia Williams

Parent Representative


My family & I joined Anne Hamersley in 2018 and we have been thrilled with the education & community that we have found here. As a parent, I have had the pleasure of watching my two daughters graduate in 2018 & 2021, and my son is currently in year 5.

I have seen firsthand the dedication and commitment of the teachers and staff at AHPS, & I am grateful for the role they have played in helping my children reach their full potential. In addition to my experience as a parent, I also have 20 years’ experience in Finance & Human Resources.  I believe my skills & expertise in these areas will be an asset to the school board as we work together to ensure our school is proving the best possible education for our children. I am committed to collaboration & accountability, and I believe that a strong partnership between parents, teachers & school staff is essential to creating a successful & thriving school environment.





Kim Pace

Parent Representative






Christiaan Moir 

Anne Hamersley Primary School Principal


I am a passionate and dedicated school leader who strives to create a culture of high care and high expectations. I have been in education for the past 17 years. During this time, I have worked in many school settings, spending seven years as a Deputy Principal and the last seven years as Principal (the last three at Anne Hamersley Primary School). I believe that all students matter and can learn every day. I strive to provide optimal learning experiences, adopt evidence-based approaches an strive for teaching and learning excellence in every classroom.


A child’s time at school should be fun, memorable, and enjoyable. I take great pride and enjoyment in making a difference to each child’s educational journey and providing these exciting experiences.


I am lucky to work at Anne Hamersley and look forward to strengthening partnerships with our students, staff, parents and school community to ensure everyone’s time here are Anne Hamersley is rewarding, successful and enjoyable.


Being on the School Board provides an opportunity for me to ask questions to the parents, gain insight and opinions and understand the parent perspective. These insights help shape what we do within our school.





Brooke Nish 

Staff Representative 


I am a dedicated Year 6 Teacher and Mathematics Curriculum Leader at Anne Hamersley Primary School. I have nine years of experience teaching at two incredible metropolitan schools. Over the last few years, I have also led mathematics and worked as Acting Deputy Principal at our wonderful school. 


My 'why' is to make a positive and lifelong impact on the lives of all children by being able to support them to be the best possible version of themselves, socially, emotionally and academically. It is to provide an environment where all children feel safe, valued and inspired. My 'why' is to help children reach certain milestones within their learning and to be able to witness the joy they express when they learn something new or achieve their goals. I live for those lightbulb moments. 


I teach Year 6 because I get the privilege of preparing another cohort of children for the next chapter of their lives. There is something very special about seeing my children embark on their final chapter.


Whether I am teaching our future leaders or in the role of Deputy Principal, my purpose is to develop strong, supportive relationships with all staff, students and parents/caregivers. 


Being on the School Board provides an opportunity for me to understand the parent perspective. I thoroughly enjoy working alongside parents and staff to determine the future direction of AHPS. 





Danella Brown 

Staff Representative 


I am a dedicated and passionate Early Childhood Educator who believes that every child has the ability and right to learn in a safe, enjoyable environment. I have been a teacher for 15 years and have worked in many schools across WA. I was very lucky to be a foundation staff member of Anne Hamersley PS. I love working with such an exceptional team of people. Over the past 8 years at Anne Hamersley, I have taught Kindy, Pre-Primary and Year 1 and have built strong relationships with children, parents and staff.  


I have high expectations for all my students and pride myself in helping every child to be the best person and learner they can be.  


Being a staff representative on the School Board, provides me with the opportunity to work alongside parents, which allows me to see the school from their perspective.  



Brooke Davison


Brooke Davison 

Staff Representative 



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